Community Options provides an array of residential and day programs through which individuals can obtain the support they need to participate in- to the greatest extent possible- the daily life of our communities. Residential settings range from apartments that support one person to group homes that support from five to eight residents in each home. Individuals who live in our residences can also participate in a range of day programs services to meet their habilitative and socialization needs.

Day Program Services and Supports

Community Options operates a variety of social, habilitative, educational and vocational programs that are provided at Day Program sites in Montrose and Cedaredge. We also provide an array of community activities that help to bring participants into the mainstream flow of community life. For participants who want to work and show a capacity for performing work, we provide extensive pre-employment training as well as on-the-job support through our Supported Employment Programs. A fully operational woodshop in Montrose offers participants the opportunity to learn work skills while providing products for local lumber yards.


Residential Services and Supports

Community Options operates seven Group Homes in Montrose and Delta Counties that offer 24-hour support for the residents. These homes are licensed by the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment. Our Personal Care Alternatives (“PCAs”) support from one to three persons and are staffed according to the needs of the residents. As an alternative to staffed homes, Community Options also offers the opportunity for individuals to live in contracted Host Homes that provide a family-like setting. These homes serve from one to three individuals each.