Working to support and assist families whose family members have developmental disabilities so all of us will lead full and integrated lives in our communities

Who we are

Community Options is one of 20 Community Centered Boards in Colorado which provides programs and Coordinates services to people with developmental disabilities

Counties we serve

Montrose, Delta, Gunnison, Hinsdale, Ouray and San Miguel Counties.

Where we get our funding

Office of Early Childhood, State, Federal, Departments of Human services (CDHS) and Health Care Policy and Finance (HCPF), local cities, counties, grants, private foundations and fundraising events.

There are no fees

There are no fees for our services.  We assist parents in accessing programs to help with supports and services.

What we provide

We provide a variety of comprehensive services to individuals and their families who meet the eligibility criteria and live within the six county region.

Early Intervention

Early Intervention Services provide services for children birth to three years of age who demonstrate a disability or delay in their development. Early Childhood Education Specialists and Therapists work with parents and their child to develop activities and learning techniques which can be used in the natural environment to enhance the child’s development. This service is provided in the home and in the community, as needed for each child.

Family Support Services

This program is for eligible children and adults living with their families. The Family Support Services Program provides a pool of funds to be used in a flexible manner to assist most-in-need families who provide support to a family member with a developmental disability in the home.

FSSP Brochure

Spanish FSSP Brochure

Children’s Extensive Support Waiver

The Children’s Extensive Support (CES) waiver provides specific targeted services and supports to assist a child with developmental disabilities to remain in the family home, support the long term stability of the family setting and prevent out-of-home placement for the child.

Supported Living Services

Supported Living Services are used to supplement already available supports for adults who either can live independently with limited support or are principally supported from other sources, such as their family.